“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao-Tzu

Often the challenge in a failing relationship is taking the first step in the journey from distress to success. This requires a carefully developed strategy to achieve a breakthrough after a breakdown. Family Law is personal. Solutions do not come off the shelf and must be tailor made for individual needs.

FMI makes sure that each client is looked after with the knowledge and skills most appropriate to the client’s specific circumstances. Their privacy is always guarded. FMI brings a great deal of practical experience and insight to the dealings with clients contemplating divorce. FMI provides pragmatic advice on all the implications of divorce and on the financial consequences.

FMI’s client list comprises a wide range of successful individuals. These include business people, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

FMI aims to provide a service and solutions that are compassionate and appropriate. FMI aims to achieve the best possible outcome for each client, ideally through negotiation, but if necessary, litigation.

FMI aims to help its clients divorce with dignity and to keep bad feelings to a minimum. We at FMI, however, know that some cases are bound to be contentious and the attorneys at FMI are skilled at handling Family Law litigation when it arises. FMI is dedicated and passionate at what we do and more importantly are tenacious.


FMI also offers video consultations as well as teleconference calls to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules as well as overseas clients

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